I’m Back…

So much has gone down and no time to explain it. Work has taken over my life. I’m too exhausted when I get home to do anything but read and then go to bed. My writing has taken a nosedive into the deepest and blackest hole I’ve ever seen. There was a spark of hope the other day, but it wasn’t TSB. I should just be grateful it was something rather than the nothing I’ve been experiencing lately.

“You’re an asshole.” I mutter.

He slips his finger down the slope of my nose then mounts his bike and motions with his head for me to get on. A wave of warmth starts in my belly as I recall the last time I sat on his bike and what followed it. As if reading my mind he reaches out and pulls me over to him to stare into my eyes.

“You be a good girl and maybe I’ll tuck you in tonight.” He whispers just before tilting his head and ramming his mouth against mine. “Get on the fucking bike, Bella.”

I gulp.

And then I get on.

Snippet from an SOA inspired o/s I started. Geez, I haven’t felt like writing in for-ev-er. I need to finish TSB. I’m in the home stretch, I just need to run. I can do this… I need inspiration. That’s all.

My office is gearing up for a battle. The Chief has finally gathered enough enemies to render our tight group useless. It hurts to know that these people I have come to spend my days with might not be here anymore. There are a handful that help me through everyday… and those are the ones trying to leave.

It’s a little bittersweet to hang with new people who make you feel as comfortable as the originals. Fun and Potter remind me so much of Hessie and Sharkey, but in this case I’ve realized there is a touch of Finn as well. Yesterday at lunch with Fun and Potter was awesome, but when we got in the car I had a flash of Finn with Potter. It literally made me pause. It freaked me out.

Finn is gone. I’ve accepted that, but it doesn’t make me miss him or what we had any less. Time heals, but it never forgets. Yikes, lunchtime. Fun and Potter just decided on CJrs. Laters!


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