Geekward Drabble #1

Our babies will be smart AND beautiful! –Leonard Hofstadter

For the past three years it had always been known that the room across the hall from Edward Cullen was vacant, unoccupied, not in use—empty. Every morning when he would wake up to shower and get ready for another exciting day of theoretical physics at CalTech, he would shuffle past the closed door without much thought. It was almost as if it were merely part of the wall that lined the hallway.

But on this particular morning, as Edward slipped outside of his immaculate bedroom, the door he had nearly forgotten was in existence—was open. Not only that, but it was occupied by a woman—a gorgeous woman with dark hair cascading down her back like a stream of water down an alpine slope. She stood hands on hips while observing the interior of the wide expanse between the four walls of the room.

It was at this time that Edward—spine ramrod straight, auburn hair in a heinous disarray, and slanted glasses slowly sliding down the bridge of a nose that lead to an agape mouth—felt the beginning of a very familiar tingling inside his nostrils. Tingling lead to itching, itching to watery eyes and then finally a deep gasp, followed by a thunderous—“ACHOO!

So you’re like one of those, beautiful mind, genius guys.—Penny

Bella Swan had been the epitome of apprehensive that morning as she boarded the city bus down to Crown City from The Valley. She’d been staying with her friend Angela Weber for quite some time after making the split decision to relocate from Forks, Washington to the Golden State of California. Bella’s one ambition in life was to become a bestselling author and in order to do so, she knew she had to join the ranks of Hollywood.

Or so she’d planned one drunken night via Skype with Angela and a bottle of Grey Goose after a horrible breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Jacob Black. The next day, hung over and regretful of the way she’d behaved the night before, Bella left her Dad’s house to her shared home with Jacob in hopes of reconciling. However, the busty brunette—aKa, Bella’s step-sister, Leah Clearwater—who stood stark naked cooking in her kitchen, set the course of Bella’s new and improved life.

But after three weeks bumming around on Angela’s couch, Bella knew it was time to move on and began apartment searching. Which lead her here, to this quaint little house in the suburbs of Pasadena where one of three rooms—Come check out da crib, $500/mo, 2 dudes, but we’re gentlemen!—was for rent. She’d been more than a little put off by the idea of sharing a house with two men, but after talking to an Emmett Cullen on the phone the day before—“Dude! I have a woman and she has me on a short leash, you’re safe. Plus my brother is asexual, I don’t think he’s ever even seen a girls vagine before, man. You’re cool, little B!”—she felt confident enough to at least check out the room.

Which so far, was perfect. It was spacious, had a wonderful view of the neighbors beautiful garden, and it’s own bathroom. All this for 500 bucks a month? Utilities included? Oh yes, Bella was on board one hundred percent. She gave the room one final look over before she was going to run back downstairs and beg Emmett to let her rent the room when suddenly—“ACHOO!

Everything changed.


One thought on “Geekward Drabble #1

  1. This is perfection. Absolute perfection. I’m addicted to the point that it’s quite insane. LOVE the quotes from BBT you’re using. Totally calling this geekward –> sneezeward in the most adorable, sexy way possible. I’m out of works to tell you how much I love this because my mind keeps running to think of what will happen next!

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